Manage your bookings

In this article

  • Create a booking
  • Tentative status when creating a new booking
  • Close dates / Make periods unavailable
  • Manage pre-approval enquiries from Airbnb
  • Cancel a bookings
  • Limitations for stays' duration on the channels

Create a booking

There are 2 simple ways to add a booking to your calendar.

  • From any of the views of the Bookings section
  • From the Inquiries section

From any of the views of the Calendar section

  1. Go to the Calendars section
  2. Click on the rental and arrival date (from the calendar view, which is the 4th icon in the top right of the screen, select the relevant rental, then select the arrival date)
  3. Click on the departure date:
  4. A new window will pop up where the booking details need to be entered
  5. Enter the booking details and click on Create

From the Bookings section

  1. Go to the Bookings section
  2. Click on New Booking
  3. A new window will pop up where the booking details need to be entered
  4. Enter the booking details and click on Create

From the Inquiries section

Once you’ve embedded our Booknow & Inquiry widget into your website or if you are advertized by a tourism office, you can start receiving inquiries.
All the inquiries and their complete details are directly displayed in the Inquiries section. This is the place where you can easily convert them into new bookings.

  1. Go to the Inquiries section
  2. Choose the inquiry you would like to convert into a new booking and click on Load in a new booking

If necessary, enter any additional booking details (all other information will be loaded automatically, as it was entered into the inquiry form on your website)

Click Create

Tentative status as a choice when creating a new booking

Whether you would like to load your inquiry as a new booking from the Inquiries section or create a new booking in the Bookings section, BookingSync gives you the possibility to mark the status of your booking as: Booked, Tentative or Unavailable.

Tentative is the status that you would choose when your client needs some extra time (let's say, in order to consult his/her family members) to confirm the booking.

By marking the Tentative status the dates are blocked for a period of time of your choice (24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 1 week...). This is the time you want to give the client to confirm the booking.
In case your client doesn't return with the booking confirmation within the marked tentative time, once it expires the potentially booked dates automatically become available again.

The Tentative status is also useful during the payment process. If your booking is marked as Tentative when you send the payment request, once you've registered a payment (deposit or total) within BookingSync (received online or off line), the Tentative booking automatically becomes Booked.

Note that if the tentative expires and no payment is processed, the payment link becomes non-active (expired), as well.

Close dates / Make periods unavailable 

You have the possibility to close dates so that the selected period will be unavailable and so not bookable (e.g if you don't want to rent out your property for a given period or if one of your channel's accounts is not yet connected to Smily to avoid receiving a double booking).

In order to do so, you just have to follow the process for creating a booking and select the option Unavailable.

Manage enquiries from Airbnb

Enquiries from Airbnb will be received in the form of a message in your Smily inbox. It is not possible to accept or refuse these from Smily (Airbnb does not yet allow synchronization for this type of reservation, our teams will keep you informed as soon as this action is available).

These enquiries are not confirmed bookings. This means that you could receive multiple enquiries for the same dates or that overlap. Until these enquiries are confirmed by the guest, they will not appear on your calendar.

You can contact us here to ask us to pre-accept the enquiry for you. Once done, the guest will then be able to accept and make the booking on Airbnb, which will then appear in your Smily calendar.

Cancel a booking

You can cancel a booking that was created manually by clicking on cancel booking:

To cancel a booking that came from one of the platforms, you need to make a request to us.

Before cancelling a booking or making a request to us though, don't forget to check the cancellation conditions and refund policy as well as the impact on you and your guest in these articles: Payments conditions for cancelled bookings by the guest and Payments conditions for cancelled bookings by the host.

Limitations for stays' duration 

The direct synchronisations with the channels have a limitation in terms of maximum days your guests can book your property:

 - Airbnb: your guests can book for a maximum of 28 days

- your guests can book for a maximum of 30 days

- HomeAway: your guests can book for a maximum of 30 days