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  • How are payments collected?
  • Tracking payments
  • Using payment links
  • Add a payment to a booking
  • How do I handle refunds with Smily?
  • How is the commission for the different platforms paid?
  • How do I collect the city tax?

How are the payments collected?

For all bookings except those received via Airbnb, payments are handled through Smily and our integrated payment gateway.

For these payments, the payment schedule depends on the cancellation policy selected for the rental:

Moderate cancellation policy: 50% downpayment at the moment of the booking. Balance due on arrival.

Strict cancellation policy: 50% downpayment at the moment of the booking. Balance due 7 days before arrival.

Smily will automatically send reminders to your customers to pay the balance and will inform you if the balance is not paid by the due date. Please note that if the traveller doesn’t pay their balance by the due date, it is up to you to collect the payment (via an offline payment or via the payment link that remains active) and to record it in the booking.

You will then be transferred the booking amount less any fees due (see dedicated section: For each booking the money will be transferred to your bank account between 3 and 8 days after the check-in date. Bear in mind that the funds can then take several days to reach your account after the transfer is made.

Airbnb handles their own payments and makes a transfer to your bank account 1 day after the check-in date of each booking.

Tracking payments

You can track payments that have been received for your bookings in the Smily interface. To see the payment status, click on the booking and check the payment bar. You can also click the small arrow next to the payment bar to see details about the payments:

Payment statuses:

Blue payments

Blue payments stand for partially paid bookings : the booking is not fully paid yet, you still need to receive a payment for this booking:

Yellow payments

These are authorized payments (the money is blocked on your guest's account until it is paid). You will receive the payment within a time period specified by your bank.

Green payments

Green payments stand for fully paid bookings:


Using payment links

As soon as you create a new booking, a payment link is generated. It allows the traveller to pay for the downpayment, the balance, the deposit and any extra fee.

To access the payment link for a booking, click the small + next to the payment bar:

NOTE: the payment links are sent automatically to the traveller for the downpayment and the balance. But in case you need, you can copy/paste it from there and send it to your guests for them to pay!

Once they click on the link, the travellers are redirected to a secured payment page where they can proceed to the downpayment or the full payment depending on the timeframe and the payment settings:

Once the payment has been made, the payment is recorded automatically in the booking and if it was a tentative, the booking is confirmed.

Add a payment to a booking

For offline bookings, like cheque, cash or wire transfer, you can manually record the payment in the booking.

How to take payments for bookings made on my website

If you have installed the BookNow widget onto your website (or if your rental is present on a tourist office website that uses this BookNow widget), then you can take online bookings via Smily. For information about how to take instant bookings on your website, check out this article:

As soon as your rental reaches 100% completion, it becomes instantly bookable and the booking form on the website will show the Book Now button.

When the traveller selects the check-in and check-out date, the number of adults and children, the price is calculated for the quote. It includes the rent + all mandatory fees and taxes.

When the traveller clicks on Book Now, he/she is redirected to a payment page where he/she is requested to proceed to the downpayment or the full payment depending on the timeframe and the payment settings.

Once paid, the booking is automatically added to your calendar as confirmed and the payment is recorded automatically as well.

How do I handle Refunds with Smily?

You can simply add a negative payment so that the payment bar for the deposit goes back from “green” to “white”! A new contract will automatically be sent to your business and client's email addresses.

Note that this is just a tracking of the refund, the refund itself has to be made manually by you.

How is the commission for the different platforms paid?

Good news, you don't have to take care of this any more! Our system will automatically increase your price by the amount of the commission taken by the different platforms (as a result, your prices can vary slightly from one platform to another because the applied commission is different) Our system will automatically collect and pay the "host commission" to the channels (covered by the price increase we apply on your prices). For the "traveller commission", this will be paid directly by the guest on the platform where they make their booking. This amount does not appear on your syncronised bookings in Smily, so that the transaction is completely transparent for you.

How do I collect the city tax?

The host always has to collect and pay the city tax to the local administration. The only exception is with Airbnb where the channel will directly pay the local administration so you don't have to. For all other channels, you have to: calculate the city tax and collect it on your guests' arrival (if it wasn't already charged together with the booking payment) and pay it to your local administration.