Payments conditions for cancelled bookings by the host

Here are the conditions for refunds in the case that a booking is cancelled by you:

(please note that if your guests want to make a claim relating to a refund from a platform, they need to contact the customer support of that platform directly, because once you have selected your cancellation conditions on Smily, the rules of each platform that correspond are not managed by Smily)

- on Airbnb for your guest:

  • The guest will automatically receive a full refund from Airbnb.

- on Airbnb for you :

  • Because cancellations are a cause of stress for guests and can cause them to no longer have confidence in the Airbnb community, the platform has the following penalties in place for cancellations made by hosts:
    • Cancellation fees: a financial penalty will de deducted from the next transfer made to you after each cancellation. The amount of this penalty will depend on when the booking was confirmed and how much time you left the guest to organise themself before the start of the booking:
      • More than 7 days before check-in, 50$ US will be deducted from your next payment.
      • Less that 7 days before check-in, 100$ US will be deducted from your next payment.
    • You may be able to have these fees waivered if you have processed 10 consecutive bookings with no cancellations, either since you started to host guests or since your last cancellation.
  • Automatic review: if you make a cancellation before the check-in date, a review will automatically be left to the profile page of your listing to indicate that you have cancelled one of your bookings. These reviews cannot be deleted, but you can reply publicly to explain the reason for the cancellation.
  • Guest reviews: if you cancel on the arrival day or later, guests can leave publuc reviews on your listing.
  • Calendar unavailable/blocked: your calendar will stay blocked and you won't be able to accept any bookings for the dates on which you cancelled a reservation.
  • Suspension of your account: if you cancel 3 bookings or more in a year, Airbnb can deactivate your listing.
  • Except for the in case of a force majeure, Airbnb will not make any exceptions to our new cancellation conditions.
  • Instant booking: hosts who use instant booking can cancel with no penalty if they do not trust a booking.

- on the other booking platforms for your guest:

  • The guest will automatically receive a full refund.

- on the other booking platforms for you:

  • Smily service fees will apply on the theoretical cancellation penalties. For example, if theoritically there should have been a total refund, you will not pay any Smily fees (please note that transaction has already taken place, so the refund of the Smily fees will be in the form of credits on your account that will be deducted from your next payment).If only 50% of the booking would theoretically have been refunded to your guest, the service fees will be applied on the remaining 50% and the corresponding amount will the deducted from the transfer that is made to you. (you should however fully reimburse your guest, unless a particular agreement between you stipulates otherwise).
  • The payment gateway service fees for the refund transaction will still be applied.
  • Please note that on, the conditions for a cancellation made by the host are more strict. You actually have to ask your guest to consent to the cancellation
    • If the guest accepts > there are no fees
    • If the guest does not accept > you will have to pay the fees to relocate them
    • This request has to be made at least 48 hours before check-in, otherwise the fees will not be refunded to you.