Manage your settings

      By clicking on the name of your account in the bottom left of the screen, you can access two sections: Profile and Settings.

      • Profile page:

      Here you can modify your personal information, your profile photo (which will be used on all the platforms), the email that you use to access your Smily account, your password and the language of your account (French or English). This will determine which language your notifications will be sent in. For your guests, notifications will be sent in their preferred language (if configured), otherwise they will be sent in the language that your account is in (please note that if the preferred language of your guest is anything other than French or English, the notifications will sent in English by default).

      • the Settings page:

      This page can only be accessed by the owner of the account.


      • Owner section: here you can modify your personal information, including the email address where you want to receive the notifications from Smily.
        • Billing section: here you can add or modify billing information and access your Smily invoices (for more information about billing, please take a look at this article)
        • Access section: here you can manage the access within your account - different roles can be allocated to different users:
          • Admin : has access to all sections apart from Settings (which is only accessible by the owner of the account)
          • Member : has the same access as an admin, but cannot create new rentals
          • Cleaner : can only see the calendar (cannot edit anything) and the following information: client names, telephone number, number of adults and children and comments that the manager or host has left on the booking and set as visible to the cleaning agency.
        • Privacy section: here you can add your privacy policy. This is necessary to be published on bookings platforms. You can find a template privacy policy here which you can modify.