Check your Reviews

In addition to the feature to collect your own reviews, Smily offers a brand new feature to view, and reply to reviews collected on your behalf by Airbnb and You can also review the guest directly from Smily.

You can check all your reviews in the Reviews section of your account. You can filter on a selected property and see the comment left by the traveler by clicking on Show comment.

You can jump to the corresponding booking by clicking on the Booking column.

Organization of the reviews section

The section is divided into 3 tabs

  • All Reviews from Guests: lists all the reviews left by guests, no matter if you replied or not.
  • Reply to your Guest Reviews: lists the reviews left by guests that need your reply.[Pro Tip] Replying to guest's reviews, no matter if it's a good or bad one, increases guest satisfaction and gives you a better ranking on the channel!
  • Review your Guests: lists the reviews that you need to leave or have already left for your guests (only available for Airbnb). The list starts with the reviews that you need to leave.[Pro Tip] Leaving a review for your guests is super important for the host community as it gives insights on the guest's behavior. In addition, it increases the probability that the guest will leave a review of their own and gives you a better ranking on the channel!

In the two first tabs, you can find information about the review.

  1. Guest Name
  2. Overall rating
  3. Rental and booking dates
  4. Review source:
    Note: One booking can have several reviews, usually 1 left on the channel and 1 left on the Smily review form, this source is the source of the review and not the source of the booking.
  5. Submission date
  6. Public comment
  7. If you didn't reply yet, an indication that you need to reply. - See how to reply in our dedicated article

Filtering your reviews

The lists can be filtered by

  • Rating: Good (4+ to 5 stars), Average (2+ to 4 stars) or Bad (1 to 2 stars)
  • Rental
  • Source: this is the review source and not the booking source. A review can have a different source than the booking, for example, you can get a direct review for an Airbnb booking.

Review detail

If you click on any review, you'll see the detail of this review. Here, you can check the category rating and comments, the whole public comment, and the private comment if there is one.