General information on your bookings

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  • Guided tour
  • Booking views
  • Track payments
  • Export your calendar

Guided tour

Booking views

There are 4 views to see/manage your bookings:

  • Bookings Inline Planning
  • Booking Planning
  • Booking Calendar
  • Booking List

You can switch from one to the other thanks to the buttons on the top right of the screen.

View #1 allows you to view the calendar in a linear fashion to get a quick overview of your fill rate over the upcoming periods.

View #3 will give you the calendar for one year by property:

Track payments

From the Bookings section, you can follow up on your payments. You'll find all the information about how to manage your payments in our dedicated article.

Export your calendar

From the Bookings section, calendar view, you'll find the iCal link to export your calendar: