How is the service invoiced?

What fees do I have to pay?

When using Smily to promote your properties across different platforms and to save time, there are two fees to take into account:

  • the Smily service fees
  • the service fees for the different booking platforms (managed by the platforms themselves)

The Smily service fees

An all inclusive service fee is retained from the booking. This fee includes the payment as well as refund processing in the case of a cancellation.

There is a reduced rate for direct bookings entered manually on your Smily calendar:

Direct bookings: 7% + VAT 

Channel bookings: 9% + VAT

The payment gateway fees

You will not be charged for the payment gateway fees - these are included in the Smily service fee!

Payment gateway fees are generally billed between 2 and 4.5% of the amount of the transaction depending on the types of cards used.

Booking platform commission

These fees are determined by each bookings platform, but you don't have to do anything to take care of this! Our system will automatically add the service fees for each platform to the prices that you configure on Smily (the fees vary from ony platform to another, so your property will appear with a slightly different price on each platform).

These fees will be transferred directly to the platform on your behalf.

Please note that guests also pay service fees to the platforms on top of the price of your property. These fees will be made transparent to you and to Smily. They are paid by the guest directly to the platform and do not appear as part of the price for the booking on Smily.

For example, if you setup a price of 100€ per night on Smily and the platform service fees are 10% for the host, the nightly price will appear as 110€ on the platform. If the service fees for the guest are 10% as well, the final price will be 121€. 11€ will be paid by the guest and this amount will not appear on Smily. The amount of 110€ will be retained for the booking and the 10€ of service fees will be paid directly to the platform by our system.

For direct bookings taken by you or through your own website, there is no platform commission to pay, so our system wtill not increase your prices.

How are these fees calculated?

  1. Guest payment
  2. Deduction of the commission of the booking platform (including VAT)
  3. Calculation of the Smily commission (9% + VAT or 10.8%) on amount (1) - (2)
  4. Payment to the owner of amount (1) - (2) - (3)

How are these fees charged?

For bookings paid online via Smily

If at least one payment has been made online, via the payment gateway integrated into Smily, then all fees are deducted automatically from the payout that we make to your bank account.

For Airbnb bookings

Airbnb handles the payments for bookings made on their platform and you will receive a bank transfer from Airbnb for these bookings. The Airbnb service fees will be deducted from this transfer.

The Smily service fees for your Airbnb bookings will be charged to your credit card after the departure of the guest.

Direct and offline payments

Sometimes, your guests may pay you directly for their bookings, by bank transfer or by cheque. If a booking is paid fully in direct to you, the fees for the booking will be charged to your credit card after the departure of the guest.

If a booking is paid partially online via the Smily payment gateway and partially directly to you, all of the fees for the booking will be deducted from the amount paid online via Smily. So you will receive a bank transfer for the amount paid online less the fees.

(for more information about the timeframe and amount transferred, seethis article of our manual)

Cancelled bookings

In the case of a booking cancellation, the Smily service fees that are retained will be calculated as a percentage of the cancellation fees.

For example, if a total refund is due to the guest, you will not pay any Smily fees. If only 50% of the booking is refunded to your guest, the service fees will be applied on the remaining 50%.

The platform fees will be refunded according to each platform's policy.

For Airbnb bookings, Airbnb will manage the refund to the guest and transfer any remaining funds to your bank account. Any Smily fees due will be charged to your credit card after the cancellation.

Your invoices

We issue an invoice for all of these fees, which you can consult in the Billing tab of your account:

You can download them from the Payment History section and click on View All to see all of the invoices.

Your invoices will be issued every Monday and will include the transactions for any past bookings that ended in the previous week.

As several transactions could appear on the same invoice, all of the necessary details will be provided for you to be able to see which fee corresponds to which reservation.