Refunds for bookings cancelled by the guest

If a booking is cancelled by a guest, the conditions that will apply are those that are configured on the rental, in the Cancellation Policy section:

You can find more information about cancellation policies here:


For bookings paid online via Smily’s payment gateway

If the guest is due to receive a refund for their booking, the refund will be managed automatically*.

If a full refund is due to the guest: the guest will be refunded the full amount paid and you will not be invoiced for any fees.

If a partial refund is due to the guest: the guest payment will be partially refunded and you will be invoiced fees only on the cancellation penalty amount.

For example, if the guest paid 500€ for a booking and the cancellation penalty is for 300€, the guest will receive a refund of 200€, the service fees will be applied on the 300€ cancellation penalty before the transfer to your bank account.

For bookings paid via Airbnb

For any bookings where you collected payment directly from the guest (by bank transfer or cheque, for example), you will need to manage the refund to the guest according to your cancellation policy.

For bookings paid directly where a cancellation penalty applies, the Smily fees will be invoiced to you on the cancellation penalty amount. These fees will be charged to your credit card.

For example if you have selected the strict cancellation policy and the guest cancels their booking after paying the downpayment, a cancellation penalty of 50% of the rental amount applies. This means that you can keep this amount and you will be invoiced the Smily fees on this amount

Free cancellation requests

Sometimes, guests may request to have a refund for their booking outside of your cancellation policy. For example, if you have a strict cancellation policy, a guest may make a request to cancel their booking for free.

In this case, you have the choice to offer free cancellation. If you choose to cancel the booking for free, please ensure to contact the Smily support team so that you are not charged the Smily fees.

*refund management is included for accounts on the latest Smily pricing plan. If you signed up to Smily before December 2022 and have not upgraded your pricing plan, you may not be eligible to benefit from this service and you may need to manage the refunds for your guests. Please contact us for more information.