Smily Damage Deposit (by Swikly)

We understand that renting out your property for vacation rentals comes with certain risks. Sometimes accidents happen and you are left with damages to repair or extra cleaning to take care of. In order to protect your property, Smily has partnered with Swikly to collect an online security deposit from your guests. 

Swikly is a safe, third-party online payment system that allows guests to secure security deposits in a few clicks via a credit/debit card imprint. Swikly is completely integrated with your Smily account and guests will automatically be sent requests to secure their deposit online before their arrival.

Smily Damage Deposit (by Swikly) takes care of the whole damage deposit process, from securing the deposit on the guest’s credit card to managing any claims in case of damages to your property.

What you should know about Smily Damage Deposit (by Swikly)

  • When a guest secures their damage deposit with Swikly, the Swikly deposit is neither debited nor blocked on their bank account. It also does not impact the travellers' credit card limit.
  • The damage deposit amount collected from guests is fixed depending on the size of your property.
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  • Smily Damage Deposit (by Swikly) is included with the Smily service*. There are no extra fees for this service 
  • Damage deposits for bookings from all sources except Airbnb will be secured with Smily Damage Deposit (by Swikly). Airbnb has its own host guarantee program - more information below.

How does my guest accept the damage deposit?

To accept the damage deposit request, your guest has to click on the link he will receive by email.

They are then redirected to a secure template, in which they will have to fill in their personal informations (first name, surname, email address, postal address and phone number), and his bank card details in order to confirm their security deposit.
A 3DSecure code is immediately sent by the bank of the guest to validate his identity and their transaction.
Once your guest's credit card has been validated and their identity verified thanks to the 3DS code, you will see the damage deposit marked as secured on your reservation on your Smily interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Swikly secure?
    Of course ! Swikly is a perfectly secured online solution. The bank imprint is never stored on Swikly's computer systems. It is only stored at their payment service provider Mangopay, which complies with the latest security standards.
  • Is the security deposit debited or blocked on my guest's bank account?
    No, by depositing a security deposit with Swikly, the amount is neither debited nor blocked on your guest's bank account. At the end of the rental, the security deposit is automatically released.
  • Your guest is asked to pay 1€, why?
    This 1€ is a pre-authorization,not a payment. Since there is no debit and no impact on your guest's bank limit, this preauthorization screens the bank solvency of your guest's account. This is not a debit, and not a payment. If a debit line of "-1£" appears
    on your account, this 1£ will be recredited automatically within 15 days.
  • When will the security deposit be released?
    If everything went well during the stay, the security deposit expires automatically a few days after check-out. When the security deposit will be released, your guest will receive an email confirmation.

Airbnb Host damage protection

Airbnb has its own damage protection program to protect your property as part of AirCover for Hosts. So, for your bookings from Airbnb, guests will not be required to pay a deposit with Swikly.

In case of damages or unexpected costs following a booking, please contact the Smily team. We will process your claim via Airbnb Resolution Center.

You will find more information on what is covered by Airbnb in their dedicated article 

*Smily Damage Deposit (by Swikly) is included in the latest Smily pricing plan. If you are not already on this plan and you would like to benefit from this service, please contact the Smily team.