What to do if you need to cancel a booking

Bookings from the online platforms

Cancellations requested by the guest

If a guest contacts you to request a cancellation and the booking came from one of the online booking platforms, you should advise the guest to cancel their booking on the platform where it was made.

Your cancellation policy will then be applied automatically and any refunds due will be sent to the guest. More information about refunds can be found here.

Cancellations required by you

If you cannot host one of your bookings, you should contact the Smily team immediately. We will take care of the cancellation on the platform concerned.

Please note that each platform has their own policy with regards to cancellations requested by the host and fees may apply. You can find more information here

Direct bookings

If you or your guest needs to cancel a booking that was added manually to your Smily calendar, you can do this easily in your Smily account:

  1. Go to the calendar or bookings section and find the booking
  2. Click on the booking to open the booking screen
  3. Click on cancel booking: