Manage your balance payments

For all bookings except those received via Airbnb, your guests need to make the payment of the balance by the due date. The due date will depend on the cancellation policy selected for your rental/s:

Moderate cancellation policy: Balance due on arrival.

Strict cancellation policy: Balance due 7 days before arrival.

The following notifications are sent automatically from Smily regarding the balance payment.

  • Balance due 1st reminder: sent to the guest 3 days before the balance is due
  • Balance due 2nd reminder: sent to the guest 1 hour before the balance is due
  • Balance due 3rd reminder: sent to the guest 1 day after the balance is due
  • Warn you about missing balance: sent to the Smily account owner 2 days after the balance is due

All of the reminders sent to the guest contain the payment link. This takes the guest to a payment page to process the balance payment securely online.

It is important to note that if the traveler does not pay their balance by the due date, it is up to you to collect the payment. You can take the payment using the payment link to allow the guest to pay online (to find out where to find the payment link, click HERE. You can also take payment directly from your guest by cash/cheque/bank transfer. If you do this, ensure to record the payment (to find out how to save a payment on a booking, click HERE) in the booking to avoid the guest receiving more reminders to pay!

How to check if the balance has been paid

You can check the payment status of the booking in the Smily dashboard. To do this, find the booking (for example via the calendar or bookings screen) and click on it. You will see a screen like this:

The payment bar shows how much has already been paid. If the payment bar is blue, the balance payment is still due. If the payment bar is green, the booking has been paid in full.

You can also click the small arrow next to the payment bar in order to see the details of any payments made, for example the date of the payment.

You can find more information about how to track payments here: Manage your payments.

An important note about the moderate cancellation policy

If you have selected the moderate cancellation policy for your rental/s, the balance is due on arrival. This means that your guests will only receive the reminder to pay the balance 3 days before their arrival.

For all bookings booked under the moderate cancellation policy, it is very important that you check whether the balance has been paid before the departure of your guests.

If the balance has not yet been paid, you must ensure to take payment from the guest, by sending them the payment link or by another means (cash, cheque, bank transfer).