How are payments collected from your guests?

Smily has a payment gateway integrated into it, so you have nothing to worry about for your payments! We can take care of collecting payments from your guests for all of your bookings and transferring your money to your bank account after each booking has finished.

How and when does the guest pay?

Bookings from the OTA platforms

For all bookings except those received via Airbnb (see below), payments are handled through Smily and our integrated payment gateway.

For these payments, the payment schedule depends on the cancellation policy selected for the rental in Smily:

Moderate cancellation policy: 50% downpayment at the moment of the booking. Balance due on arrival.

Strict cancellation policy: 50% downpayment at the moment of the booking. Balance due 7 days before arrival.

When the guest makes their booking, they will enter their credit card details and the downpayment will be processed automatically through our payment gateway.

If ever the payment fails, Smily will automatically contact the guest to try to resolve the problem with the payment - if the payment cannot be processed succesfully, the booking will be cancelled to free your calendar for other bookings.

For the balance payment, Smily will automatically send reminders to your customers to pay the balance and will inform you if the balance is not paid by the due date.

You will then be transferred the booking amount less any fees due. For each booking the money will be transferred to your bank account between 3 and 8 days after the check-out date. Bear in mind that the funds can then take several days to reach your account after the transfer is made.

Bookings from Airbnb

For bookings received on the platform, Airbnb, the platform handles the payments via their own payment system. The guest will enter their credit card details on Airbnb and Airbnb will process the payment for the booking.

Airbnb will make a transfer to your bank account 1 day after the check-in date of each booking.

Direct bookings

If you have a direct booking from a guest, you can add the booking in Smily and use our payment gateway to process the payment simply and securely.